Dr Sylvia Frain and Rebecca H. Hogues’s article published on Spinoff


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Dr Sylvia Frain and Rebecca H. Hogue co-wrote an insightful article showing how ‘This Steinlager ad distorts the truth about anti-nuclear protest in the Pacific’.

‘In the Steinlager version of the story, a few brave Kiwi blokes (and a token woman) set out on a daring adventure in 1995 and brought French nuclear testing to an end. That is a fiction that erases over 50 years of Indigenous activism throughout the Pacific, not to mention decades of activism by Māori, and their Pākehā allies, in Aotearoa itself. Pointing out the problems with the Steinlager ad in no way discredits the contributions New Zealanders made to stopping nuclear testing in the Pacific. But the real story of the anti-nuclear movement in the Pacific is one of tireless campaigning by Pasifika and Māori, and vital cross-cultural collaborations and alliances that continue to this day. All of this the ad ignores.’

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